Free shipping in Dubai on orders over AED 200.

Free shipping in Dubai on orders over AED 200.

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Frequently Asked Question?

Some of the question that customers are not clear about.

1. Do you have Indoor Plants that don’t need Sun? Low light Indoor Plants?


Yes we do have plants that don’t need direct sunlight nor bright light as well as we have plants that needs bright light and Sun directly.

2. Do you sell Indoor Plants Online?

The answer is Yes. We do sell Indoor Plants Online on Website as well as other platforms i.e. Social Media Platforms and other online resources.

3. Do you’ve plants that are safe for Pets & Kids?


There are different species of plants which are very useful for your house arounds. And these are safe for Kids & Pets when swallowed.

4. Do you’ve best Indoor Plants for home? Indoor Plants for Oxygen?

The answer again is Yes. We do cover your homes from Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms for Halls, Meetingrooms, Guestrooms. We do have a variety of Plants that can work as Air Freshners for you around your environment.

5. Do you have Large Indoor Plants? or Tall Indoor Plants?

Yes, yes, yes. We do have Indoor Plants large or Tall Indoor Plants.

6. Do you have
– Air Purifying Indoor Plants
– Small Indoor Plants
– Indoor Flowering Plants
– Indoor House Plants
– Indoor Tree Plants
– Indoor Hanging Plants
– Indoor Artificial Plants
– Indoor Tall Plants
– Indoor Large Plants
– Indoor Small Plants
– Low maintenance Indoor Plants
– Bonsai Plants
– Succulent Plants

Simple answer is Yes. We do have above all varieties of Indoor Plants.

7. What Payment methods are you accepting?

We are accepting both Online Card Payments / Online Transfer as well as Payment on Delivery / Cash on Delivery. PoD/CoD.

8. Do you return plants once customer buy?

We do return plants when customer don’t want some plants on time of delivery. After checking the delivery, Once the driver returns then we don’t accept returns from Customer. Or Simply we do accept returns on same car on which we delivered the plants or goods.

9. Do you’ve support team for customers?

Yes we do have a support team for customers and any problem they face with their plants.

10. How much do you charge for delivery in United Arab Emirates?

We do cover delivery for the whole United Arab Emirates. When you order the plants online there is a specific range of amount where you can get free delivery. When you proceed to payment our website will automatically adjust or tell you how much of purchase amount can you get free delivery though.

11. Do you’ve Pots & Vases for Plants?

Yes we do have Pots & Vaases of different variety for Indoor Plants & Outdoor Plants. Including Ceramic Pots, Plastic Pots, Hanging Pots, Glass Pots, Transparent Glass & Plastic Pots, Shaped Pots. You can explore here about Pots & Vases.

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