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Radermachera | China Doll | TLSP – 64

Radermachera Sinica Big | China Doll – Special Ceramic Pot

Radermachera sinica, also called china doll, serpent tree or emerald tree, is an evergreen tree in the family Bignoniaceae, native to the subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan.

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Radermachera – China Doll | Ceramic Pot
Location & Light 

A bright, indirect site is best for this specimen, as shady environments could lead to soil mould and slowed growth. Although the risk of sun-scorch is high with sun-filled locations, a location that offers up to two hours of morning or evening sunlight is acceptable, as long as the specimen is kept moist. Never situate this plant in all-day sunlight due to the risk of foliage decline and plant death.


Radermachera are best kept in reliably moist soil as inconsistent moisture levels may result in stunted, unhappy growth. Allow the compost’s top third to dry out in between waters in the growing period, reducing this slightly further in the autumn and winter. Under-watering symptoms include a sudden loss of older foliage, yellowed or crispy foliage & stunted growth, whereas over-watering symptoms including a weakened or rotten stem, no new growth, yellowing lower leaves and eventual plant death.


Radermachera are prized for their tolerance of dry air, which means that average room humidity is more than enough to satisfy them. Never situate one within a few metres of an operating radiator due to the enriched chance of browning leaf-tips. If you have issues of under-watering, we’d recommend introducing a pebble tray to keep the surrounding environment moist, which indirectly will slow the rates of drying soil, too!


Fertilise every four waters during the growing period before reducing this to every six in the autumn & winter. Although an ‘All-Purpose’ fertiliser will still do the job, we’d recommend using a specific ‘Houseplant’ labelled fertiliser as it’ll support the vital thirteen nutrients that this species will need to grow.


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