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Nematanthus Gregarius | Clog Plant | Goldfish Plant 20-30 cm

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Nematanthus Gregarius – Goldfish Plant
  • Indoor Plant
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Nematanthus Gregarius | Clog Plant | Goldfish Plant

A stunning plant to look at, with very unique blooms, the Nematanthus Gregarius Care is also really easy.

Believe it or not, the Goldfish Plant is a relative of the common African violet plant as they both are members of the Gesneriaceae family. If you ever dealt with African violets, you’ll soon realize that “easy to care for” runs in this family.

Characterized by having long, slender stems that grow alternating thick and almost succulent-like. Well, given the care for Nematanthus Gregarius, you can easily pencil this one down as a succulent. Its leaves are light to dark green in color. Endemic to the rainforests of Brazil, Southern Mexico, and Costa Rica, this plant can grow up to three feet in height and can become shrub-like. This plant is known for its very flower head, and it truly is a unique one. Given the correct conditions, this plant produces a gamopetalous flower that is wholly fused, forming a small opening at its tip resembling a pouting fish. With this appearance and bright colors ranging from yellow to dark orange, it has gained its common name, the Goldfish plant. There are at least 25 varieties of this plant with wide variations in their flower to dates. So if you fall in love with one, know you can get many more.

Plant name: Nematanthus

Common names: Goldfish plant, Guppy plant

Native to: Brazil, Southern Mexico, and Costa Rica

Lighting: Very bright, indirect light

Care: To encourage inflorescence, provide very bright light. Water when at least 3 inches of the soil has dried up. It does tolerate dry soil. Can tolerate low humidity levels. Fertilize with weak concentration every week or full dosage every two weeks. Avoid overwatering to prevent shedding of leaves.

Common problems: mealy bugs like to hide under the leaves and in crevices, spider mites, root rot

Toxicity: Considered safe for humans and pets.


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