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Oceaniopteris Gibba | Default Plastic Pot 60-70cm

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Oceaniopteris gibba – Online Plant Shop

The miniature tree fern (syn. Blechnum gibbum), is a tropical species of fern in the family Blechnaceae, native to Fiji.

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Oceaniopteris Gibba | Default Plastic Pot


Oceaniopteris gibba, the miniature tree fern (syn. Blechnum gibbum),is a tropical species of fern in the family Blechnaceaenative to Fiji.

Light:We’d recommend locating your Silver lady Fern in a location that promotes good levels of indirect light and humidity

Water:Allow the soil’s top third to dry out in between irrigations, reducing this slightly further in the autumn and winter. Do not, under any circumstances, promote periods of droughts due to the species’ reduced ability to endure dehydration. Symptoms of under-watering include crispy or greying of leaves, little to no growth and brown patches forming on the fronds. Since the foliage has a bluish-grey tinge, under-watering symptoms are typically masked until it’s too late. Over-watering symptoms include yellowed fronds, rotten rhizomes and a general decline in health. These issues are commonly the product of too little heat or light, waterlogging or an overly-large pot used during the repotting process. 

Feed:Feed every four waters during the growing period and every six in the autumn and winter, using a ‘Houseplant’ labelled fertiliser. Never apply a ‘Ready to Use’ product into the soil without a pre-water first, as it may burn the roots and lead to yellowed leaves.

Humidity:Moderate to high humidity should be at the forefront of a Silver Lady Fern. Introducing a pebble tray will not only keep the leaf-tips from browning over, but it’ll also slow the risk of drying soil and potential dehydration. A gentle monthly hose-down in the shower will also benefit the specimen, as it’ll hydrate the leaves and reduce dust particles resting on its foliage

Soil:The ideal soil can be a mixture, in equal parts, of coarse sand, garden substrate and peat.

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