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Philodendron Bippinatifidum – Default Plastic Pot 30-40 cm

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Philodendron Bippinatifidum
  • Indoor Plant
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  • Used in Offices, Rooms, Hotels, Halls, Front Tables, Bed Sides
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Philodendron Bippinatifidum – Default Plastic Pot

Philodendron bippinatifidum has different needs than most of its Philodendron cousins because it is a tree Philodendron, but it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge in most homes.

To care for Philodendron bipinnatifidum a soil mixture consisting of one part compost, one part perlite, gravel, and one part orchid bark or coco coir. In terms of light put it in front of a window where it gets a mix of bright direct and indirect light. A south-facing window is a perfect choice. Keep the soil moist but not soggy and water once it is dry to the touch. The optimal temperature range is 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 24 degrees Celsius). Humidity should ideally be in the 70-80% range. Fertilize once a month in spring and summer using an organic fertilizer.


The Philodendron bippinatifidum has different soil requirements than other Philodendrons.

They require well-draining soil, but they also need a decent amount of organic material and don’t tolerate acidic or salty soil.

Consequently, the best soil mix you could use would be one part compost (it makes the soil more alkaline), one part perlite and gravel (for good drainage and aeration), and one part orchid bark or coco coir.


Philodendron bippinatifidums usually grow in full sun. If you were looking for a plant that will tolerate that south window of yours, this Philo is the one.  Although they are said to adapt to full shade, expect the leaves to turn a darker green color if you don’t give it enough light. With lower light conditions, the plant will not grow as well and as fast, and you won’t be seeing any flowering or particularly showy leaves.


This Philodendron also has unique requirements for water. While you might be used to letting the soil dry out between watering with your other Philodendrons, keep in mind this one likes more water.

Ideally, you should try to keep the soil barely moist at all times. The keyword here is moist, not soggy.

This can be achieved by watering the plant so that the water runs through the drainage holes at the bottom of the plant.

Water it again when the top of the soil is getting dry to the touch.

This might take some trial and error, and maybe it would be wise to opt for drier rather than wetter at the beginning when you are still getting to know its needs.


You Philodendron bipinnatifidum will feel it’s best in most normal home temperatures. The ideal range is 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 24 degrees Celsius).

Anything above 55°F (12.8°C) will be perfect for it. Some plant enthusiasts say that a good rule of thumb with Philodendrons is that as long as you are not cold, they aren’t either.

Since it is a tree philodendron, certain people plant them outside. In that case, remember that you should either bring it inside or expect the above-ground growth to die back entirely as winter comes.


Unfortunately, the particularities of the Philodendron bipinattifidum don’t end at soil and watering. This Philodendron will also require a bit more humidity than most of it’s Philo cousins.

It is a tree Philodendron, and it has thinner leaves, so it will need some help with humidity if you want to avoid crunchy tips and stunted growth.

Aim for a good 70-80% humidity for the best results.


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