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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is a long-flowering perennial succulent.

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

COMMON NAME:Flaming Katy

Also termed as Flaming Katy, these are thick leaved succulent plants that blooms in various colours like in red, yellow, lilac and orange. Their blossoms have a distinct feature that they have a tendency to last long for weeks or even months (if proper Care is given). Kalanchoe plant could be presented as a gift for any coming birthday, anniversary, or Christmas occasions. They have variant colours to catch the attention of many eyes. In case of Kalanchoe plants there is also a possibility of re-blossom (if given required attention), making it preferable houseplant for all year round (even once flower blossom dies). Even without any flowers, with only green foliage, these plants could be used as decorative pots for indoor desks or shelves. These could bring life to your tables or study desks.


Light:These flowering Kalanchoes like bright, natural light. A medium or high light situation is best as long as they’re not getting too much direct sun. Be sure to keep them out of any hot windows because they’ll burn.The more light you give your Kalanchoe, the better it’ll look. In lower light conditions the flower buds tend to not open and the foliage gets spindly. If you have low light and you want a Kalanchoe, buy it in as full bloom as you can.

Water:These plants are Succulents with fleshy leaves and stems (which they store water in) and you don’t want to keep them constantly wet. They need good drainage.Water yours well, let it all drain out and then water again when dry. That might mean you water yours every 2 weeks. The frequency will vary depending on your temps, light situation, and the size pot your Kalanchoes are in.

Feed: general fertilizer will be ok.

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